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Endorsements Voting

Official members are eligible to vote in our endorsements process, influencing the positions we take during elections.

National Online Community

Official members become part of our vibrant, members-only online community of pro-housing advocates and activists, hosted on Slack.

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You can become a member by making monthly or annual donations, or by doing important volunteer work. Joining gains you membership to Orlando YIMBY and YIMBY Action, our national network of pro-housing activists.


Your donation funds the core team and tools that it takes to build a movement to fight for abundant, affordable housing across the United States. Any donation amount is welcome, and official memberships start at $5 per month or $35 per year.


Use this form to apply to be a volunteer member, or to record your volunteer work in order to become an official member. You need to take a volunteer action to activate your membership, so check your inbox for opportunities to qualify.

YIMBY Action envisions an integrated and environmentally sustainable society where every person has access to a safe, affordable home near jobs, services, and opportunity.

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